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Caroline Lips

“I love the wellness industry and enjoy helping brands grow”

I have over 20 years experience in marketing, growth hacking techniques, web and app design, production and management. I’ve worked with multi million pound businesses and micro start ups, where there simply are not enough people to do everything so you have to focus on what matters and get creative.

The principles of any marketing campaign are the same. Understand the market, the customer and how to reach them, test your ideas  then make it better. Now you need to do it again, but bigger and better! 

More recently I have specialised in the wellness industry with clients such as an international pilates studio brand and Centro House, a luxury cowering and wellness centre in Marbella.  I myself have been on my own wellness journey, when I discovered a revolutionary new product after an injury. Now I help others experience the power of stem cell activation with this product, and you can find out more about it on my website. 

For those who wish to become a distributor of the Lifewave patches, I can help with marketing and social media too.

Every client is different and every campaign is unique, that’s why I like to look at your whole business before jumping in with a one size fits all approach.

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I have over 15 years experience in marketing, working for large corporations such as Otto Group (E-commerce manager and merchandiser), La Senza (E-commerce and digital manager), Senior Manager at Arcadia Group and Account Director at a London Agency managing 8 figure paid search budgets. I moved to Spain/ Gibraltar in 2013 and developed my career as Marketing Director for Staysure Insurance, where I was responsible for over 14 marketing channels, website design and optimisation, conversion with a team of 12, a multi million pound budget I juggled the responsibilities of team management, leading on  strategy whilst getting my hands dirty when needed.  I. moved to a consultant role in 2016 and have worked for several startups and consumer brands, including a global homesharing app, marketing and promotion for a pilot TV show for ITV, and managing a personal brand and all paid social for an influencer and entrepreneur.

One of my current projects is a productivity app, soon to launch: I am responsible for growth: everything from pre launch awareness to developing a plan to seed and grow the app in the market with heavy download targets.

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Are you missing an opportunity? I can help you identify what needs to be done, and then actually get  those things done. 

How much time are you wasting on ineffective marketing strategies for your business?

Maybe you’ve tried Facebook ads, or Sponsored posts and didn’t get anywhere, or you’re regularly posting in online groups and trying to grow your profiles that way. It doesn’t have to be such a struggle…

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